Dinner in Honour of the New Director of Diplomatic Protocol Ambassador Tomasz Orłowski

In honour of the newly appointed Director of Diplomatic Protocol at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Tomasz Orłowski and his distinguished wife, the Ambassador of Lebanon Mr. Massoud Maalouf offered a dinner in his residence in Wilanów to congratulate the new Director on his appointment.

Among the prominent personalities attending the dinner were the Deputy Minister of Culture Mr. Ryszard Mikliński and his spouse Teresa Potęga as well as the Ambassadors of Argentine, Pakistan, Syria and the Chargé d’Affaires of France. The guests also included the Director of Security and Foreign Planning Department at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr. Jarosław Bratkiewicz, the First Counselor in the Department of Africa and Middle East Mr. Witold Waszczykowski and his distinguished wife, and Director of BP Polska Mr. Leszek Wieciech. The Polish Academy of Science was represented at the dinner by the prominent Professor Stanisław Mossakowski.

In his speech, Ambassador Maalouf congratulated the new Director of Protocol Ambassador Orłowski outlining his qualities and experience in the diplomatic field and wished him good luck in this new challenging job.

Ambassador Orłowski thanked the Lebanese Ambassador for organizing this dinner and expressed his gratitude and appreciation for this gesture.