Dinner in Honour of the Appointed Ambassador of Poland to Brazil H. E. Mr. Paweł Kulka Kulpiowski

On the occasion of the appointment of H.E.Mr. Pawel Kulka Kulpiowski as the new Ambassador of Poland to Brazil, the Ambassador of Lebanon Mr. Massoud Maalouf offered a dinner in honor of Mr.Kulka Kulpiowski in the Residence of the Embassy of Lebanon.

The guests included the wife of Ambassador Kulka Kulpiowski Teresa and his son Piotr and the Ambassadors of Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and the Chargé d’Affaires of Spain, as well as Mr. Daniel Passent the former Polish Ambassador to Chile. Also present at the dinner were numerous friends of Ambassador Kulka Kulpiowski including Professor Jerzy Szaflik, Mr. Włodzimierz Pospiech Mr.Wojciech Tomczyk, Pawel Lukaszczyk, Mr. Paweł Plucinski and their distinguished spouses.

Ambassador Maalouf delivered a speech in which he praised the newly appointed Polish Ambassador to Brazil for his qualities and experience and he outlined the cooperation between him and Ambassador Kulka Kulpiowski during his tenure in the Department of Foreign Economic Affairs of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Lebanese Ambassador made also mention that the three countries Lebanon, Brazil and Poland constitute a ” triangle of friendship”.

Ambassador Kulka Kulpiowski in his eloquent speech, expressed his gratitude to the Lebanese Ambassador and his appreciation for this dinner.