Meeting of the Polish-Lebanese Friendship Association

The Polish-Lebanese Friendship Association, chaired by H.E. Ambassador Tadeusz Strulak, was received at a lunch offered by the Ambassador of Lebanon H.E. Mr. Massoud Maalouf in his residence.

The meeting was attended by Professor Tomasz Waliszewski, who heads the team of archaeologists of the University of Warsaw in charge of excavation projects at different sites in Lebanon, under an agreement concluded between the Lebanese Ministry of Culture and the Warsaw University.

Also attending the lunch/meeting were H.E. Ambassador Wojciech Bożek, Deputy Director of the Department of Africa and Middle East of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, and the members of the Polish – Lebanese Association: Ambassador Antoni Pierzchała, Ambassador Zdzisław Pachowski, Dr. Danuta Bilikiewicz- Blanc, Journalist Zygmunt Słomkowski, also Mrs. Małgorzata Husami and spouse, President of the Association of the Polish Community in Lebanon, Mr. Georges Haddad, President of the “5Ms” Travel and Ticket Office and Mr.Ziad Itani, First Secretary of the Lebanese Embassy.

During the meeting, Professor Waliszewski briefed the participants on the progress of the work and informed them about his project of organizing in Warsaw an exhibition related to the team’s work in Lebanon, toward the end of the year 2006. Ideas were exchanged about this project and the means to finance it.

It was decided that more meetings will be held in order to activate the Association by encouraging Lebanese residents in Poland to join it and by contacting companies and institutions for the purpose of sponsoring the exhibition and the printing of the manuals related to it.