Polish Humanitarian Organisation – reconnaissance mission to Lebanon 4-10 August 2006

Polish Humanitarian Organisation
Szpitalna Street 5/3
00-031 Warsaw                                                                            Warsaw, August 2006.

PHO reconnaissance mission to Lebanon
4-10 August 2006

   Ongoing military conflict which resulted in about 900 000 Internaly Displaced People (IDP) made Polish Humanitarian Organisation focused on humanitarian situation in Lebanon. From 4th to 10th of August 2006 Polish Humanitarian Organisation conducted reconnaissance mission to Lebanon. The main goal of this mission was to assess needs of affected people, but also to provide emergency relief by buying and distributing relief products.

IDP’s camp in Amchit – PHO provided aid there

   PHO activity focused on Jbeil region (Mohafaza: Mont Liban, Kadaa: Jbeil), where more than 21.000 IDP’s has been located in schools (and other public buildings) and in families. Exept PHO there were no other foreign or international organization present in the area. Most of the foreign and international NGOs focused on Beirut and its area. However the majority of IDP took shelters in northern Lebanon, which seemed to be safer.

Mother and her child in Amchit IDP’s camp

   Emergency relief for IDP was carried out in parallel with the assessment, in close cooperation with Salesians Don Bosco. People in 12 IDP’s centers (located in public buildings most of which were schools) and 8 locations in families received from PHO (supported by Salesians) aid. In total 293 families (more than 1.100 people) were helped (for instance IDP’s camps in: Jbeil, Fidar, Hboub, Amchit, Ehmej, Annaya, Halat, Kartaboun, Kfarmassoun, Mastita, Jouret Bedran and Mar Yousef).

Child in Don Bosco School in Hossoun

   Relief packets consisted from: – kitchen kits (pots, gas stoves, etc.), – hygene kits (detergents, washing powders, dish-washer detergents), – personal hygene kits (soaps, shampoos, sanitary towels, towels), – children kits (toys, notebooks, pens, chalks, etc.), – baby kits (diapers, moistened napkins, milk, toys, etc.), – other relief items such as: buckets, bowls, basins, dishes, mattresses, blankets, sheets, pillows, medicaments etc.

One of the IDP with his son in Hossoun

   The aid was different in different location and it was adapted to the IDP’s situation. Total value of help provided by PHO is 53.000 USD. Changing political situation and ongoing truce made most of the IDP come back to their homes. PHO by its partners – Salesians Don Bosco – is making an assessment on the south to adapt aid to the new conditions. The current data showes that there are severe damages in infrastructure in the south. After people came back to their houses they are still suffering, because the lack of water. Water-sanitation sector is the one in which PHO wants to specialize, that is why PHO will try to provide emergency relief in this sector. The aid is still in progress.

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