Reception of Thanks at the Embassy of Lebanon

On the 26th of September 2006, the Ambassador of Lebanon Mr.Massoud Maalouf hosted a reception in his Residence at Wilanów, to thank all the “Friends of Lebanon” who have expressed their support for his country during the Israeli aggression.
Ambassador Maalouf thanked all those who contacted the Embassy by phone, fax or e-mail to express their indignation and their support as well as those who contributed to the humanitarian efforts for the relief of the Lebanese victims of the Israeli attacks.
Special thanks were expressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, the City of Łódź, the Silesian Fathers and Polish Airlines “LOT” Company for sponsoring the visit of 30 children from Lebanon. The Lebanese children spent two weeks in Poland and were grateful for the opportunity given them to see such a beautiful country. The Ambassador expressed also the gratitude of Lebanon to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland for sending 3 plane loads of humanitarian assistance and for donating 1 million Euros in the framework of the Stockholm meeting and mostly for increasing the Polish participation in the International Force in South Lebanon (UNIFIL).