Dinner in Honour of the Departing Director of Agence France Presse Ms. Beatrice Khadige

On the occasion of the departure from Warsaw of the Director of the Agence France Presse Ms. Beatrice Khadige after a stay of four years in the Polish capital, the Ambassador of Lebanon Mr. Massoud Maalouf organized a dinner in honor of Ms. Khadige in the beautiful residence of the Lebanese Embassy.

The numerous guests included diplomats, journalists and many of the distinguished friends of Ms. Khadige.

Ambassador Maalouf delivered a short speech in which he underlined the professionalism of Beatrice and her journalistic as well as her personal qualities. The Ambassador also mentioned the millions of Lebanese prominent personalities living in different countries of the world and stated that people like Beatrice are a tribute to their country of origin Lebanon.

Ms. Khadige expressed her gratitude and appreciation for being honored by the Ambassador of Lebanon.